The angel Rithrial made it very clear that Sara Starbright was in no way, shape, or form to even think about her father, lest she draw the attentions of the ancient beings and forces that hunt him. But when you are only thirteen years old, have no home to go back to, and everyone you meet wants to take your gifts for themselves, following the rules is the last thing on your mind.
Free for now from the foul attentions of the fish-like Mongrel after shattering his sinister Prison of Light, Sara and the Chimera have yet to find a place amongst creation for themselves. When an ill-fated attempt at going home again sends them again on the run, this time with Sara's mom in tow, things begin to again spiral out of control. With their options quickly running out, Sara decides to gamble everything on locating her reclusive father, the mysterious Seventh Star of Twilight.
So how does a girl that quite literally knows everything go about finding an enigmatic primordial creature that has erased himself from history? Even when your best friend is a constantly-evolving monster capable of nearly anything, it's hard to even know where to start. With only straws to grasp at, Sara feels her best bet is gathering together as many allies as she can--all those who had been close to her father in recent years. In numbers there is strength, and when that number is seven, there lies a little magic as well.

Sara and the Chimera - Book 2 Available Now!

Sara and the Chimera - A Prison of Light is the second in a series of four young adult novels. It is suitable (and enjoyable) for readers of all ages, but aimed at gifted children ages nine to fifteen. It is 352 pages in paperback.
Seven Stars is avaialble now, from Amazon.com, selected bookstores, or our own company store.
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