Sara and the Chimera a series of four young adult novels. It is suitable (and enjoyable) for readers of all ages, but aimed at gifted children ages nine to fifteen.

Book 1 - A Prison of Light    Available Now

Sara Starbright has been born with an unusual gift--the ability to immediately know the answer to any question--and all manner of creatures want it for themselves. Kidnapped by the sinister Mongrel and taken prisoner aboard his dimension-hopping Worldship, Sara makes a daring and unlikely escape with the help of a fellow prisoner--the Chimera. Jonathan Wheeler is a boy trapped in the body of a constantly-evolving monster that can adapt to nearly any physical situation. Under the guidance of a mysterious cat, the two fast friends flee the Mongrel's forces and race across a madcap variety of realities before finally realizing the only way they will ever know peace is to turn the tables on their pursuers and go on the attack themselves.

Book 2 - Seven Stars of Twilight    Available Now

Free for now from the foul attentions of the Mongrel, Sara and the Chimera are still unable to find a place for themselves. An ill-fated attempt at going home again sends them again on the run, with Sara's mom in tow. With their options quickly running out, Sara decides to gamble everything on locating her reclusive father, the mysterious Seventh Star of Twilight.

Book 2.5 - Echoes    Available Now

As Sara and the Chimera train for the challenges ahead, Sara explores the previously hidden knowledge that was unlocked when her father was freed... and discovers some astonishing secrets.

This free, introductory, part-graphic novelette is the prefect introduction to the wider world of Sara and the Chimera. Narratively a prequel to the series, the story actually takes place in Sara's mind between books 2 and 3 as she explores some of the historical data of the Font of All Knowledge.

Book 3 - Star Sailor    Release Date: 2015

The machinations of the Seventh Star have come to fruition, and creation is plunged into full-scale rebellion against the forces of control and power. The legendary Starsailor finally reveals himself and takes his place at the vanguard of the forces of freedom. Yet no matter the outcome, no one will escape unscathed. Families are torn, relationships broken, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Book 4 - A Vessel of Darkness    Release Date: 2016

Civil war has now erupted amongst the Elders of the prime reality, and Sara is forced to make some unpleasant alliances in a desperate hope to survive. The fight for creation finally leads to its ultimate conclusion, and the girl who knows everything and the boy capable of anything must learn the hard truth of what it means to grow up.

Dramatis Personae

Our intrepid heroes, and others not quite so wholesome.

Sara Starbright

Sara's not all that different. She has the same problems as a lot of eleven-year-olds, feeling awkward, trying to make friends, and helping out her single mother. She is a straight-A student, but when has that ever won anyone popularity? In fact, the kids at her school (and truth be known most of the teachers too) generally consider Sara a know-it-all, but then can she help it that she just happens to actually know everything? Born tied to the font of all knowledge, Sara has instant access to the answers to any questions she asks. If you think that knowing everything in creation sounds great, well then you may want to read our cautionary tale first. How was Sara born with such a gift, why is she being chased throughout creation because of it, and will she ever just get to live a semi-normal life?

Jonathan the Chimera

Which would you choose? Being trapped in a bed, born unable to speak and walk, lorded over by a cruel nanny and deprived of your one joy of playing the piano, or trapped in the body of a monstrous creature, able to breathe underwater, see in twenty different ways, jump sixty feet into the air, cling to walls, and expertly wield unbreakable claws, sharp teeth, armored tails, and powerful pincers? Now that he is living in the body of the great Chimera, Jonathan Wheeler, for his part, is as happy as he has ever been--too bad the rest of creation has plans for him also.

El Gato the Cat

What is the deal with this cat anyway? Sometimes he talks and walks upright, and sometimes he acts just like a normal cat. He seems to know a heck of a lot for a simple alley cat from Tacoma, Washington, and why of all things can Sara’s powers not get a fix on him? Does he even have a real name? I sure hope someone manages to pin this critter down at some point and get a straight answer out of him. Then again, who ever got a straight answer out of a cat?

The Angel Rithrial

Everyone has a duty in life, a responsibility of some kind, be it to family, to friends, to a job, or even to a goldfish. Now imagine that everything you do, everything that you work for, the fact of your own existence even, has to remain a secret. You can never receive praise or even notice from those who matter most. Rithrial has known this sort of duty since the dawn of creation. Charged with watching over all things that could never be, in a city that never was, he is unseen and forgotten, even by heaven itself. Some people might learn to hate such an existence, but then they aren't angels and their hearts aren't woven entirely of pure faith. Why has this forlorn protector taken it upon himself to aid Sara and Jonathan, and just what are his ties to them and the Fish Man?

The Mongrel (AKA: The Fish Man)

Fear is a funny thing; it can be a powerful motivator, it can warn us of danger, and it can remind us that we are alive, but sometimes it can consume someone entirely. There is nothing more dangerous than a person, or creature in this case, in a position of power who becomes one with fear. Always it leads to the need to control everything and everyone around you. In the Fish Man's case it has even gone further, to the need to control everything in creation. Just how does he plan to do this, and what part does he have planned for Sara and Jonathan?

The Nevernight

He has no past, no future, and no world to call his own. He is a hero who never was and who never will be, bound to an evil will and forced to hunt Sara and Jonathan relentlessly throughout reality after reality. Will he ever know himself again? Or will he destroy Sara, and with her, the last chance he has of ever being free?


Sara's mom never expected to be gallavanting all around creation, but she will do whatever she can to keep her daughter safe. There is more to Tessa than what first appears; she is headstrong, willful, passionate, and quick to speak her mind.

The Seventh Star of Twilight

Sara's mysterious father is quite the elusive and enigmatic person (if you can even call him that). Is he really the leader of the great rebellion against the forces of Prime, or is he still one of their chief Elders? Even Sara can't be sure.
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