Sara and the Chimera - Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Sara and the Chimera? Maybe we can answer them here.

What is it?

It's a series of four (and a half) fantastical novels for young adults. Trust us; it's good.

When will the next books come out?

Fairly soon. Check the Series link to the left for release dates.

What's a Chimera?

An imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts. The orginal chimera came from Greek mythology, and had the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. Our Chimera is made of unstable DNA, and can evolve any sort of adaptation depending on the situation.

How do you pronounce Chimera?

Ky-MARE-uh. It's spelled funny because it's Greek. If you say it right it will rhyme with Sara.

Why can't Sara read the future?

Sara is tied to the Font of all Knowledge. She can instantly recall anything known or that ever has been known by anyone anywhere. The future, however, is unknown, so she has no access to it.

How did Sara get her powers?

Hmm... for a nice kid you sure ask a lot of questions. You are just going to have to wait for the later books to find that out.

Is Oathbound kid-friendly too?

No. Oathbound is a game designed for older audiences. It's not recommended for those under 18.

What about Osiris?

Yes. Osirs is a generic game system, so people of all ages should be able to enjoy it.
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