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We are pleased to announce the release of Sara and the Chimera - Echoes, a free-to-download, part-graphic novelette designed to introduce new readers to the Sara and the Chimera series of books.
As Sara and the Chimera train for the challenges ahead, Sara explores the previously hidden knowledge that was unlocked when her father was freed... and discovers some astonishing secrets.
This free, introductory, part-graphic novelette is the prefect primer to the wide world of Sara and the Chimera. Narratively a prequel to the series, the story actually takes place in Sara's mind between books 2 and 3 as she explores some of the historical data of the Font of All Knowledge.
After the brief respite of Seven Stars, Echoes brings back the two chief villains of the series, the grotesque Fish Man and the sinister Fenris--setting up the series for the massive war for control of creation in Star Sailor. Juxtaposed with their story is the biggest secret of all--how Sara's father ended up with the Font in the first place. And of course, as always, in the middle of everything is that slippery cat.
No idea what we are talking about? Well then read it and find out.
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Sara and the Chimera - Echoes

Chapter 1

A single fish swam through the air towards the pulsating pinpoint of light, casting long undulating shadows along the inky-black, star-speckled hull of the spherical room. The fish studied the pulse of the light for a moment and then tugged lightly upon its tether—a thin, silvery chain that ran from a barbed hook in its gill. At the sensation of the motion, a second, duplicate fish bobbed down from above and goggled at the light for a moment. It too seemed to feel the need to call its brethren, and within moments, dozens of the little fish were hovering about, tugging at their chains. Soon afterwards, a grotesque, disembodied face was towed into the gathering, the edges of its leathery, hairless skin hooked into the little chains. “Well well,” the voice croaked with a tone that would have shattered a thousand mirrors, “a prophecy at the Prime level! Let us have a look.”

Elegantly, the tiny pinprick of light spread out, forming quickly into lines and patterns that might have been letters of a strange, alien language. The patterns began to slowly scroll up the wall of the chamber, then all at once, the words stopped. “What!?” The face sputtered again, singing in symphony with an untuned chorus of disbelieving fish. “Redacted? By whom?” A leathery glove of a hand reached out of the darkness for the words on the wall. Like the face, the hand consisted of only skin, torn off just below the elbow, and likewise was tied in by silvery chains and hooks to the bevy of fish. It could not be deduced from its sharp movements whether the actions were initiated by the hand, or if the hand were merely acting as a puppet, moved into position by the floating fish.

As the empty fingers of the dead hand tapped at the wall of the chamber, more patterns of light appeared, colored menus of patterns and cryptic words. “Impossible,” the face growled, the words bouncing off the metal walls and echoing through the chamber like feedback from a broken speaker. “All the prognosticators on the ship; show me all of them. Now!” the disharmonious voices sounded. At once the scores of fish all pulled out in different directions, all in all, creating a sphere-shaped shell that filled the room perfectly, with the face and hands and some tattered rags and a jeweled belt in the center. Between the face and the belt beat a dark, red heart, the apparent nexus of the hooks and chains that held the whole of this strange being together.

Along the various (yet single) walls of the room, in front of each fish, a series of data files now scrolled, replete with pictures of a variety of strange alien creatures—a handful human-looking, some not even close. After several minutes of high-speed visuals running by each fish, the figure at the center remained unsatisfied. “Bring up a list of all prognosticator cells on all levels along with who the current occupants are.” More data scrolled by around the room. “Stop!” the creature screeched. “Level Epsilon 59B, Block F. It’s missing a cell. Bring up the schematics of the Epsilon quadrant.” As image after image of blueprints begin to form out of light upon the walls, a single red light eventually began to pulse at the apex of the room.

The new voice that rang out through the chamber was flat and soldier-like, yet still quite cold. “Captain, you have a visitor.”
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