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Greylight is the light in the morning before the sun has come up. This book of poetry is for anyone who has experienced the rush of Grand Central and the quietness of nature, or relationships that slip through your hands like sand. It is not for the faint at heart, as real life has also played a role in the poetry. It is modern, funny and thoughtful.

Greylight is a collection of twenty two of the author's favorite poems accented by the colors of a dozen pieces of her own hand-painted artwork. The poems span the full range of the last 20 years, and cover a wide spectrum of experiences.
Cecilie E Roaldset is a writer/poet and double immigrant who has written since the early 1990’s. She currently lives in Bergen, Norway with her husband and their dog. This is her first book in print, filling 72 full-color pages with haunting art and words.

Cecilie is inspired by nature, people and current events. You can often find her reading fiction or about current affairs. She enjoys hiking and being outside. Her poems are written to be read out loud, and most of them in this collection were crafted for the Seattle open mic scene in the early 2000s.

Her canvas is words that tell a story, and we hope you enjoy this unique work of art.

Available now in your choice of either a beautiful hardcover or a slim paperback. Both versions measure 6" by 9" and contain 72 pages of powerful and moving emotional art.
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Have you seen me in the corner
Pushing, pushing.
I can feel the warmth of his body,
sound of his voice
unfaltering on my life of broken glass.

Pushing, pushing.
Intimacy and stability scares me;
as a woman counting flaws
comparing myself to corporate whore
magazines with air-brushed beauty.

Pushing, pushing.
I count me—
I count I,
the woman
that won’t introduce you to what
some people call family.

I count myself—
watching redness from crying in the mirror
watching smiling families—
hearing stories about childhoods,
fairy tales; to mine—
emotional mind bombs and blurred lines.

Pushing, pushing.

Waking up with you beside me.

I wonder,
maybe I
question too much—
to want me—
a tomboy that climbed trees,
that took karate not ballet.

Pushing, pushing.

That stood alone when everyone
had someone to hold
someone to fight with.

Pushing, pushing—
Hold me when my emotional seas throw me.
Hold me when the doubt creeps in,
that one day you will have become another story.

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