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  • The Sky (Campaign Setting)
  • Cygnus X-1 (Campaign Setting)
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What's Up/Osiris 1.3 Released

You may have noticed that thins have been a bit quiet around here lately. Well, we took a little hiatus from publishing in order to rearrange things a bit. Greg is now in Norway and running Epidemic Books from there, while Todd and Jeff are still back in Seattle. We are hoping that with modern communication technology this should not slow us down too much, but it definitely took us offline for a while during the move.

However, in our down time, we did get a chance to work on the Osiris rules, and we are pleased to announce that version 1.3 is now up and ready for public consumption!

Version 1.3 of Osiris offers a few minor improvements over the 1.2 version, which was pretty awesome itself. So that means that 1.3 is pretty much the best Osiris ever.

Changes for the 1.3 edition include:
  • Field skill trained rolls are cheaper (1 for 1d12, 1d4 for 2d8, 2d4 for 1d20, 3d4 for 1d30)
  • Improved cheat sheet
  • More serious falling damage
  • Increased alt strength bonus for ranged weapons
  • Improved fire rules (basically incorporating the enhanced rules from the book of fire)
  • New heroic powers (one whole page of new content, bringing the total page count to 234)
  • Better prerequisites for the heroic powers (focus switched for awareness where it makes sense)
  • Slight cost and power tweaks to the heroic powers

Pick up your copy at our web store now! If you purchased an older copy and want to upgrade, let us know and we will send you a free copy of the 1.3 ebook.
Posted By: Greg Dent       7/14/2017

The Book of Light and Darkness

The two oldest of the primal elemental forces, Light and Darkness, could not be more dissimilar—yet they are so tightly interwoven that a discipline involving one could not conceivably be cultured without the other. Coiled hand in hand, neither unable to explain its essence without the distinction of its counterpart; it is through their differences that they define the existence of their opposites. These are forces so old that nothing may claim them—they outdate the gods, demons, and creation itself. Some claim that darkness was the first force, shattered by light at the beginning of everything, but without light there could not have been a darkness, merely a nothingness. It is the wisest of scholars who understands that these primal forces came into being at the same moment, defining each other in their mutual inception.

The Book of Light and Darkness is a free first draft edition, though still very usable in your games and, at 57 pages, is more than enough for a lifetime of magical study. There's no art yet, just solid game stats. This is the final of eight planned initial books of magic that will make up our next Osiris product, the Books of Magic, and with its release, it means that the long awaited Books of Magic product is almost here! This will be a compilation and enhancement of the first Eight Books of magic, a beautiful tome that will finally complete the Osiris experience.

Check it out on our blog!
Posted By: Greg Dent       10/21/2016

Just Released: The New Man

We are excited to announce our first foray into the literary novel--and a book of rare quality.

Found documents in a medieval Polish ruin reveal strange secrets from a past best forgotten. The eternal struggle to transcend the limitations of the human body and the human consciousness is no modern Invention. Travel the ancient world with the deeply flawed and deeply curious Duke of Masovia as he perfects his art - the art of science, the art of alchemy, the art of necromancy - whatever it takes to achieve the ultimate goal: The New Man

Peruse the unsettling diary of a 14th century Polish alchemist and necromancer--part Frankenstein, part medieval still life, and part entirely unique. Author Jeffrey Welker, through his languid prose and meticulous footnotes, paints an engrossing picture of life and mysticism in medieval Europe in his debut novel.

The finished product is a handsome paperback 5.5" by 8.5", and at 276 pages, transcends the genre and is destined to be a long-lived classic.
Posted By: Greg Dent       9/22/2016

The Book of Earth

All living things come from the Earth—though Earth itself is cold and dead—and it is to the Earth that all things return. At once we can see that the Earth is a divided element, both giver and taker, nourisher and destroyer. People speak of the Earth as a mother—yet this is no human mother, but one who would kill her children should they fail to heed her lessons. From the dawn of time, the Earth has been our home, serving as the support upon which we stand, the stage upon which all of our stories play out. Like space, Earth is seemingly infinite—it delves deeper than man could ever dig, and circles back upon itself so that man’s journey along its surface may never hit an end. It is warm, providing shelter from the storm, and cold, shielding us from the heat of summer’s furnace. Of all the elements, it is the most constant—it does not give way or yield. It cannot be destroyed, only shaped, and even that requires the utmost of will. Those who would be its master must be stubborn like the ox and patient like the spider. This is an element that takes its time, but for those who know how to harness its power, the rewards are immense.

The Book of Earth is a free first draft edition, though still very usable in your games, and is a solid 53 pages of sturdy, useful spells. There's no art yet, just solid game stats. This is the seventh of eight planned initial books of magic that will make up our next Osiris product, the Books of Magic.

Check it out on our blog!
Posted By: Greg Dent       9/21/2016

New Release - 1001 Stupid Reasons to Name Your Kid

Got a favorite toe?
If so, ever thought of naming your kid Tobias?
Well, why the heck not?

Do eggs made you angry?
Name him Greg

Prefer the imperial pint?
Name her Abigail

Fall in love easily?

Do you like fishing?

Always wondering what the smell is?

People always asking you to hold the door?
Well, you get the idea.

The perfect gift for every baby shower, 1001 Stupid Reasons to Name Your Kid is our first foray into the novelty book genre. Our expert cynics carefully pick apart over one thousand of the most common baby names to help you understand exactly how your kid is going to be tortured on the playground. Don't name that little rugrat without it!

This trim 6x9 paperback packs 130 pages with pure, idiotic joy. Imagine two drunken misanthropes telling reverse knock knock jokes over and over until it hurts, and then continuing until it transcends the pain and turns into intense, infectious glee, altering your worldview forever... and then maybe stop thinking about that and think about this book instead.

A rare break from our usual fantasy themed products, this started as an inside joke a while back and quickly snowballed into something quite larger. Now we're hoping it will take over the world!

Available now! Check it out on our store!
Buy it, or we promise we'll write more of these!
Posted By: Greg Dent       9/7/2016

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