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The Book of Earth - Draft Edition
All living things come from the Earth—though Earth itself is cold and dead—and it is to the Earth that all things return. At once we can see that the Earth is a divided element, both giver and taker, nourisher and destroyer. People speak of the Earth as a mother—yet this is no human mother, but one who would kill her children should they fail to heed her lessons. From the dawn of time, the Earth has been our home, serving as the support upon which we stand, the stage upon which all of our stories play out. Like space, Earth is seemingly infinite—it delves deeper than man could ever dig, and circles back upon itself so that man’s journey along its surface may never hit an end. It is warm, providing shelter from the storm, and cold, shielding us from the heat of summer’s furnace. Of all the elements, it is the most constant—it does not give way or yield. It cannot be destroyed, only shaped, and even that requires the utmost of will. Those who would be its master must be stubborn like the ox and patient like the spider. This is an element that takes its time, but for those who know how to harness its power, the rewards are immense.

Earth magic is the art of manipulating solid, inorganic matter. Because of Earth’s relative stability, mostly what this consists of is different ways of shaping stone, dirt, and metal. And hence a magical scholar of Earth is generally referred to as a “Shaper”. Now do not be fooled, just because Earth magic consists mostly of shaping does not mean it does not have power. A fortress is merely shaped stone. A sword is merely shaped metal. And a mountain is merely shaped dirt. In fact, of all the magical disciplines, it is the works of shapers that last the longest over time and have the most effect upon history. Earth moved is not just Earth moved for a moment, but Earth moved for a thousand years, maybe more.

The Book of Earth is a free first draft edition, though still very usable in your games and, at 53 pages, is very well fleshed out. There's no art yet, just solid game stats. This is the seventh of eight planned initial books of magic that will make up our next Osiris product, the Books of Magic.

Check out the magic chapter in the Osiris core rule book for the basic rules for spell casting, and click on the pdf icon below to download the draft spell details for the Book of Earth. These are usable magic rules for your Osiris games, even if not fully edited. We are still in the process of playtesting this rules, so please be sure to get back to us with any comments or errors you find. And definitely let us know if you use this in your game.

Be sure to watch this blog over the next couple months, as there is 1 more school of magic yet to be completed before we release the full book.

Osiris Magic System Version 1.2 - The Book of Earth (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent    9/21/2016
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