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The Book of Water - Draft Edition
Throughout endless time and across diverse worlds, water has drawn to it those who would seek knowledge of life, of birth, of change, and of power. It was water that carved the shape of the earth, and it is water that swallows the doomed empire. In the old mythologies, water was named as the source of all life, yet the legends are so varied it beggars belief that all could speak of the same element. For some, life itself is indeed a river, flowing onward to places unseen, through straits and channels that have never been mapped, survived only by mortal chance and occasional skill. To others, water bodes naught but danger and devastation, a powerful welling of forces that cannot be gainsaid, cannot be avoided or protected against—the natural forces of the seas and rivers and oceans thrusting up upon the shores of existence to crumble the edifices of man’s cunning. Even death itself is described as a river to be crossed over, banked on the far side by a paradise of painless eternity.

Still, despite its graceful strength and nearly ubiquitous presence in our lives, water is often overlooked as a source of power; but those who would dismiss it best think again, for water delivers more force than air, is more constant than fire, and more pliable than earth. Water sustains life, grows our food, and provides an environment all to itself to living things. Water is adaptable and takes many forms—it can float a ship as an ocean or sink a ship as an iceberg. Cut your wrist and what comes pouring out—water in the form of blood. Whether you like it or not, mortal creatures are made mostly of water, and he who controls the water can manipulate the flesh of all living things. There are endless ways to view and speak of water, perhaps a different experience for every living creature—indeed, to spend a lifetime studying the power of water would be only a drop in the ocean. And yet, what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?

The Book of Water is a free first draft edition, though still very usable in your games and, at 65 pages, is by far the largest of all completed books of magic yet. There's no art yet, just solid game stats. This is the sixth of eight planned initial books of magic that will make up our next Osiris product, the Books of Magic.

Check out the magic chapter in the Osiris core rule book for the basic rules for spell casting, and click on the pdf icon below to download the draft spell details for the Book of Water. These are usable magic rules for your Osiris games, even if not fully edited. We are still in the process of playtesting this rules, so please be sure to get back to us with any comments or errors you find. And definitely let us know if you use this in your game.

Be sure to watch this blog over the next few months, as there are 2 more books yet to be completed.

OSRS Magic System Version 1.1 - The Book of Water (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent    6/20/2016
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