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The Book of Light and Darkness - Draft Edition
The two oldest of the primal elemental forces, Light and Darkness, could not be more dissimilar—yet they are so tightly interwoven that a discipline involving one could not conceivably be cultured without the other. Coiled hand in hand, neither unable to explain its essence without the distinction of its counterpart; it is through their differences that they define the existence of their opposites. These are forces so old that nothing may claim them—they outdate the gods, demons, and creation itself. Some claim that darkness was the first force, shattered by light at the beginning of everything, but without light there could not have been a darkness, merely a nothingness. It is the wisest of scholars who understands that these primal forces came into being at the same moment, defining each other in their mutual inception.

The mortal who would channel these two ancient powers may find them gentle at first in comparison to the other elemental practices, but as with all primal forces, one should never take lightly their employment. Light and Darkness hold secrets deep within their core—secrets hidden in blinding brilliance or in blackest black. These old truths guard themselves, and if even chanced upon, will take the sight of the seeker for all time as payment for whatever small shred of knowledge might be garnered. From the earliest legends we hear tell of how the old gods would at times sacrifice an eye to gain but the briefest of glimpses into the primal source that these two forces shelter and flower from.

The Book of Light and Darkness is a free first draft edition, though still very usable in your games and, at 57 pages, is more than enough for a lifetime of magical study. There's no art yet, just solid game stats. This is the final of eight planned initial books of magic that will make up our next Osiris product, the Books of Magic.

Check out the magic chapter in the Osiris core rule book for the basic rules for spell casting, and click on the pdf icon below to download the draft spell details for the Book of Earth. These are usable magic rules for your Osiris games, even if not fully edited. We are still in the process of playtesting this rules, so please be sure to get back to us with any comments or errors you find. And definitely let us know if you use this in your game.

This represents the completion of our initial set of magical tomes, and these first eight books will soon be complied into one large sourcebook. There are other books of magic, and the natural magic books of Beast, Plant, and Music are due to be completed next.

Osiris Magic System Version 1.2 - The Book of Light and Darkness (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent    10/21/2016
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