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Welcome to the Epidemic Osiris resource page, your Mecca for every bit of free Osiris content we can cook up. Everything on this page is totally free, and here to assist you in playing or learning how to play Osiris. We are constantly creating new content for Osirs, and quite often will have some kind of preview, early sample, or goodies left on the cutting-room floor. And here's where we will put it.

Browse through the list and take what you want (or need) for your game. And be sure to check back here every so often, since we will update this page every time we have something new to share.

Osiris Core Rules (Free Edition)

If you haven't gotten started with Osiris yet, the first thing you will want to do is buy the core rule book (see our store page for details). But if you can't afford it, or aren't quite ready yet to part with a few precious dollars, wll then the Osiris free edition is for you.

Just click the icon below to download the full set of core rules for Osiris, sans all that pesky art and flowery writing. The doc is also here for those of you who wish to publish products under the Osiris ruleset. We will update the free edition more frequently than the printed book, so any new changes, additions, or updates are able to be easily found here.

Ok already, what are you waiting for!

OSRS Core Rules (Version 1.2):
Posted By: Greg Dent       10/15/2013

Osiris Character Sheet

The most important tool you will need to play Osiris (after you get the rulebook) is a character sheet to write down all your bad-ass stats on. Well, we've got you covered! Just download the official Epidemic Osiris character sheet template (design by Todd Morasch), and get on with your game.

This 2-page character sheet template is probably the best tutorial on how to play the Osiris we could give you. Download the sheet, print it out, and start filling out the blanks by following along with the Osiris rules. By the time your sheet is complete, you should know everything you need to know to play.

For the record, this is the Osiris Generic-setting character sheet. It'd not geared towards any particular setting or time period, so it should work in most games. We will post more specific character sheets with different styles and different skill lists as we add settings to the Osiris universe.

OSRS Character Sheet Template:
Posted By: Greg Dent       10/17/2013

Books of Magic: The Book of Air

The ultimate volume in our epic encyclopedia of magical spells is finally here. The book of air is for the sorcerer who wants it all. Undeniably the most powerful of the elemental forces of magic, Air is also one of the most versatile. This book is a must for all who would wish to wield power through magic.

OSRS Magic System Version 1.1 - The Book of Air (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       10/6/2015

Books of Magic: The Book of Fire

We've talked big about the magic system for Osiris, and we've been working on it for almost 14 years now, but haven't delivered much in the way of details. Until now.

Here you can download the first completed draft version of one of our books of magic. The Book of Fire. This heavy spellbook gives you everything you need to incinerate your enemies into tiny little piles of ash.

OSRS Magic System Version 1.1 - The Book of Fire (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       9/9/2015

Osiris Magic: The Book of Light and Darkness

The two oldest of the primal elemental forces, Light and Darkness, could not be more dissimilar—yet they are so tightly interwoven that a discipline involving one could not conceivably be cultured without the other. Coiled hand in hand, neither unable to explain its essence without the distinction of its counterpart; it is through their differences that they define the existence of their opposites. These are forces so old that nothing may claim them—they outdate the gods, demons, and creation itself.

Osiris Magic System Version 1.2 - The Book of Light and Darkness (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       10/21/2016

Osiris Magic: The Book of Earth

Earth magic is the art of manipulating solid, inorganic matter. Now do not be fooled, just because Earth magic consists mostly of shaping does not mean it does not have power. A fortress is merely shaped stone. A sword is merely shaped metal. And a mountain is merely shaped dirt. In fact, of all the magical disciplines, it is the works of shapers that last the longest over time and have the most effect upon history. Earth moved is not just Earth moved for a moment, but Earth moved for a thousand years, maybe more.

Osiris Magic System Version 1.2 - The Book of Earth (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       9/21/2016

Osiris Magic: The Book of Water

Water is very much a middle path, providing a more well-rounded education; it combines functionality with fearsomeness, spectacle with honest trade. For those magicians who want to be able to do a bit of everything, water sits firmly at the top of the list.

Osiris Magic System Version 1.1 - The Book of Water(Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       9/21/2016

Osiris Magic: The Book of Glamour

What is this life besides relationships between people? And what use is magic if not to manipulate these relationships. The book of glamour is for the social animal who wants to ensure he will climb to the top of the heap. An distillation of fairy magic, the book of glamour groups illusion and sensation spells into one powerful and heady mix. For those who want to lead and master, here is the book for you.

Osiris Magic System Version 1.1 - The Book of Glamour (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       3/7/2016

Osiris Magic: The Book of Wards and Bindings

The volume for the true connoisseur and student of magic. The book of wards and bindings is for the defensive mage who already has it all and wants to keep everyone else from getting it from him. The most fundamental of the books of magic, wards and bindings covers everything from magical traps, defensive magic, and the creation of magical items. When you are ready to quit dabbling and truly master the art of magic, this book is waiting for you.

Osiris Magic System Version 1.1 - The Book of Wards and Bindings (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       1/15/2016

Books of Magic: The Book of Life

Yes, there is more free magic for you here. If you are going to run the game where people are tossing around massive clouds of fire, you will need some way to easily clean up the mess it makes of your skin and flesh.

If this is sort of thing you find yourself worrying about, you might want to take a gander at the Book of Life.

OSRS Magic System Version 1.1 - The Book of Life (Draft):
Posted By: Greg Dent       9/9/2015

Osiris Monsters: Sharks

You may have noticed a lack of monsters here for Osiris. Though we don't have a full monster manual for you yet, we do have a few examples over in our blog page that you can use and draw some inspiration from.

Up first is four different types of sharks for your game. Unfortunately, this doesn't include this totally awesome were-shark Todd drew a while back, but maybe we will decide to rectify that in a future blog post.
Posted By: Greg Dent       10/18/2013

Osiris Ship Rules (Draft)

Planning a pirate ship battle, or a dogfight between two space cruisers? Want some guidleines on how to fit this into your Osiris game? Well, we can help.
Though we are quite a ways out from having a supplemental Osiris rulebook on ships and vehicles (it's planned at some point), but we don't want to stop you from avoiding such a key aspect of your games. So we wrote up a quick draft of the core Osiris ship rules you can download.

We actually tackled this one in our blog page a while back. Click through to read it.

Ship combat encompasses battles between anything from a wheelbarrow to a space cruiser, and is intended to eventually become its own rulebook. However, if you want to start using it in your games now, you should be able to get everything you need from our "alpha" edition.
Posted By: Greg Dent       10/17/2013

OSRS Stat Caclulator

Having trouble figuring out all your Osiris stats? Not sure how many Torso points you have if you have 11 Wound points? Need to stat out a whole bunch of bag guys or monsters in a very short period of time? No worries! Osiris stat calculator to the rescue. Just download this handy excel spreadsheet, plug in the 8 base stats, and voila! Instant character!

Now enhanced! With char sheet images and auto-leveling villain and npc sheets!

Posted By: Greg Dent       10/17/2013

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