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Welcome to our "freebie" page, where you'll find all the little random Oathbound goodies that aren't big enough to be products in their own right. Here you can download previews, monsters, spells, outtakes, and more. Check back often. As we make 'em, we add 'em!
Oathbound Bestiary Preview - August 19, 2011
Come check out a preview of our upcoming Oathbound Bestiary! Our newest release is only a few weeks away! Get a free preview of the book right here.

The polar is one of 68 monster categories included in the bestiary. Each monster category has three detailed variants designed for different situations and different power levels.
Each writeup goes into a great deal of depth on the monsters-not just what they are, but why they do what they do, how to use them, and what makes them tick. Players will love David's "Advice from an Old Rasher" sections that really bring the monster into the Oathbound setting and offer some useful advice about how to beat them (or at least profit from them). The variations make the monsters truly useable-you no longer need to say, "Well, I love that concept, but it doesn't fit my game."

The Oathbound Bestiary was written by the Oathbound team past and present, and compiled by Greg. All monsters have been improved and expanded, by our newest team member, David Tomczyk, who also added about eight new monster categories of his own. New art is by Todd Morasch and Olli Hihnala. The Bestiary should be out on September 15th, 2011. Check back here for details.

Check out the free preview now!
The Haunted Fort, Full Eclipse Adventure - February 28, 2011
Download our first full adventure for free!
We've put together a very special introduction to our Oathbound Eclipse setting; it's a full-size adventure with all the trimmings, and it's totally free! The Haunted Fort is a 42 page adventure for 1st through 3rd level parties. It introduces new characters to Eclipse, is a total old-school style romp, and gives you all sort of hooks to turn it into a full campaign if you are left wanting more.
Deep in the wilds of Eclipse, the tiny hamlet of Balckhold is facing a crisis. Mysterious raiders have been coming out of the mists and taking away their citizens one by one. The motives of the raiders are unclear, but might they have something to do with the old haunted fort on yonder crag? Superstition and legend keeps the villagers away. If only some barve strangers could help!
The Haunted Fort was written by Jeff Welker, part of our core Eclipse team, and contains awesome cartography and interior by Todd Morasch, plus three new monsters and other goodies for Pathfinder by Greg Dent.

What are you waiting for? Download the Haunted Fort now!
Or you can download it without the background if you have a printer with expensive ink:
Oathbound Seven, Full Intro Chapter - January 1, 2011
Get a first glimpse at our new core book, Oathbound Seven!
We've uploaded a full pdf of the introduction chapter for the new core Oathbound book for Pathfinder, Oathbound Seven. Oathbound Seven is a revised and reimagined version of our classic Oathbound campaign setting. The book contains a ton of new material, as well as content culled from seven different products, fleshed out, cleaned up, and revitalized for Pathfinder.

This is the first 10 pages of our 494-page monster, in full-color glory. In our Intro you will find out the sotry behind this book, get a feel for the Oathbound setting, and get a chance to have a look at the full table of contents for Oathbound Seven.

There is something for everyone here, whether you play Oathbound, or simply just run a Pathfinder game. Click the link below to get started. And when you are done, head over to our store to buy your copy of Oathbound Seven!
Download the Intro for Oathbound Seven now!
Oathbound 7 Preview 1 - October 7, 2010
As Oathbound Seven comes down to the wire, we are starting to get some finals to show.

Here's our first free teaser for Oathbound Seven. This is for the Races of the Forge chapter, and covers the War Valco, a fan favorite from Arena. There are 15 playable player races in Oathbound Seven (amongst many other things), and Todd has been working his magic on all of them. (Not to mention all the stuff I did.) This book is going to be huge! We are looking at probably 400 pages right now, but we aren't changing the price... still $10.00.

AND... while originally this projects started as just a Pathfinder version of our older products, it has evolved and expanded greatly. There is a ton of new matieral in here, from classes to mutations, to new friends and familiar faces seen in new ways. Even if you don't intend to play Oathbound as is, there's a lot here for you. You won't be disappointed.

More to come soon.
Download the PDF now!
New Forge Maps - August 2, 2010
Get your hands on our all new Forge maps, designed especially for Oathbound Seven!
Tood and I wracked our brains for weeks to decipher how to connect the Forge as a proper globe. The results are stunning, compiled by Todd into these beautiful mock-satellite images.
We've provided three separate images for use in your campaigns. The first is a full-globe spread, much like that found in the original Oathbound book, only expanded a bit to show each domain in its entirety. To allow you to see how all the pieces fit together, we've provided two globe views, one centered on Penance, and one centered on the Kiln. These incredible maps breath new life into the old world of the Forge, and illustrate well the tight-knit and integrated world of the Forge.

Fun tip: Buy a cheap globe and paint it blue. Then take our new full-spread map and print it, cut it out, and glue it on. Voila! You've got your very own Forge Globe! Take your campaigns to a whole new level!

Download the High-Res versions now!
Oathbound Eclipse Preview - May 26, 2010
Get a first glimpse at our new flagship product, Oathbound Eclipse!
Todd worked his magic on the pages themselves, crafting each one into a unique, beautiful work of art.
Our goal for Eclipse was to create as close as possible a book that might be found in the "real world" of Oathbound. Every piece of text in the book is written from the point of view of an acutal character in the world. Some pieces are found letters, other stolen diaries, other written deliberately with a distinct purpose. Even the art is made up of "found" images from Eclipse itself. Oathbound Eclipse was put together by the scholar Mallus (the original Colopitiron) as the fist step toward re-educating and rehabilitating his master, the Grey Stranger, with regard to the new world he now stands to inherit.
Well... we'll let Colopitiron take it from here....
Glory to thee, oh King of Kings,

Divine master, highest of the high, holy of holies, maker of worlds and wonder, giver of life, weaver of stories immense and minute, this book is written for you, of you, because of you.

Through all the ages I have been ever in your service, though the multitude would doubt it. Only we know the current of things—the roles one must walk, the terrible truths one must face to know freedom, yet still we are not free. This course we have followed in forever faith of an end and beginning that always was to be. So… my architect, my great adversary, my heart, you who is and has ever been on high, I now embark upon the road that will unleash the both of us again upon creation; once more they will tremble at your voice and know what it is to adore you. And I will be there to remind you when you are wrong.

I have wandered now these lands, free of book and bond, and through many seasons of toil I have found the means to regain a piece of what I once was. It is books that have held the Seven, and through us, you. Thus it is only fitting that books begin to set you free.

Your new flesh is flawed and your knowledge is lacking, even as you come into bloom again in this new form. If you are to again be master, be it of dungeons deep or mountains high, you must first know completely the world you command. Here, with this first volume, I have begun crafting the tool that will ultimately become the key to all our bars. Your divine will, once fully aware and fully informed, cannot be contained. Know then these lands we have forged for you in this locked place, and know that despite the best works of your enemies, your glory shines forth throughout.

Compiled herein is the labor of seven years, the first of my great works on this world we call the Forge. A master of tales and shaper of heroes such as yourself will find herein all that you require to fill your forming mind with characters, creatures, and adventures. I know that there is nothing, no matter how grand or diminutive, that does not draw your interest, but I also understand that it is a good story more than anything that will make you whole. This book will open the possibilities for you to create your saga, and in creating you will find your path to freedom. And willingly I shall follow and play my part in your tales, be I hero, lover, slayer, or devil. For you, beloved reader, are my one and only god.
Download Chapter 10 of Oathbound Eclipse now!
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