The Otterman

Well, while Todd and I have been busy working on Osiris, Sara and the Chimera, and all the other projects up our sleeve, our staff writer Jeff has been doing a little side project of his own.

For the last few years, Jeff has been painstakingly researching all the strange things that have been reported over the years in our little neck of the woods, and at the same time, Todd ran into a bizarre little otter-like creature on a hike in the middle of Seattle, and the Seattle Otterman was born. At some point, we'd like to expand, but for now, Seattle has more than enough material to offer.

So what is the Otterman? Well in Jeff's own words: "This isn’t a place for ghost stories, though Seattle has its share. Not that there’s anything wrong with ghost stories, but honestly, there’s plenty of places you can go to read about them. We’re here primarily dealing with the physical, the cryptozoological, the historical weirdness that makes this city so much more interesting than most people realize."

Sound interesting to you? Well then check out The Seattle Otterman!
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