Blood of Eden

On the brink of extinction, those who carry the blood of Eden have turned to science to merge themselves into something better, something more capable of survival. Animals and even insects now walk alongside their human brethren, their genetic diversity assuaged by complex breeding algorithms and a common religious duty. Still, humanity is fighting a losing battle, with the cruel and inscrutable Malice seeking out and destroying the hidden Terran colonies as fast as the starship Visigoth can supply them, and with impatient fringe elements pushing the remaining few towards ever more dangerous risks.

Blood of Eden is our first project written for Television. This is a dynamic show, scripted for 3 seasons with 13 episodes each. Set amongst a desparate conflict in a far-flung future, this adult-themed, sci-fi, space odyssey treads such topics as sexual politics, death, survival, extinction, genetic engineering, humanity’s relationship to animals, and the interdependence of all living organisms.

We are actively seeking a producer to pick up the series, so if you have any contact, please send them our way.

We aren't going to be posting the script or the outline here (we don't want to spoil the show), but if you are a producer or an agent and want to take a look at the script, pitch, or outline, please drop us a line: greg@epidemicbooks.com

Visigoth Cast

The crew of the space ship Visigoth constitutes the main cast of the show, as the narrative is mostly centered around this ship’s movements. At the start of the series, there are twenty-one crew members on the ship, including several non-humans.

Kristof Von Lugar

Race: Human, Germanic
Age: 57
Stats: Male, 5’10”, 163 lbs.
Position: Captain
Scarred and battered, but unbroken, Captain Von Lugar is a living testament to the Terran will to live. This legendary veteran of uncountable battles still commands against all odds. Though his prosthetic leg and missing eye may slow him down, they inspire his crew to fight harder knowing that it is Lugar they serve.

Helios Dimitriou

Race: Human, Greek
Age: 38
Stats: Male, 6’1”, 175 lbs.
Position: Commander
Second in command of the Visigoth, Helios is brilliant and imposing, but has more heart than ambition. While his passionate relationship with the Chief Petty Officer may give him reason to live, it also is likely to keep him from the Captain’s chair.

Ryssa Nimmo

Race: Human, Mixed Race
Age: 27
Stats: Female, 5’11”, 145 lbs.
Position: Lieutenant
The ship’s First Lieutenant is a fully trained assassin, whip smart, and loyal to a flaw. Her skill with blades is unrivaled and has earned her the respect of the whole of the crew, though her cold demeanor keeps her at arm’s length from her comrades.


Race: Snow Leopard
Age: 29
Stats: Male, 2’1”, 121 lbs.
Position: Lieutenant, Pilot
With a vocabulary to match the sharpness of both his wit and his claws, the Lieutenant is the most skilled of pilots on the ship. Silver’s mind works in ways that human minds simply don’t, enabling him to be at one with the ship, sailing through space and sky with feline grace and ease.


Race: Canine
Age: 13
Stats: Stats: Male, 2’9”, 70 lbs.
Position: Lieutenant, Pilot
The warm and chipper Niko is loved by everyone on the Visigoth, and his extra robotic arms are more than enough to allow him to pilot the ship through the most treacherous of close quarters.

Albert Oldupai

Race: Chimpanzee
Age: 49
Stats: Male, 4’2”, 150 lbs.
Position: Doctor
Though brilliant, the Visigoth’s doctor’s constant mask of congeniality can at times feel less than genuine. Though he professes innocence in all matters, more than one crew member harbors sneaking questions as to just what really motivates this simian. His constant humming has moved beyond irritating to become the mere white noise that surrounds him.

Clair Nassar

Race: Human, Egyptian
Age: 31
Stats: emale, 5’3”, 120 lbs.
Position: Chaplain
Though responsible for the heavy burden of caring for the mental and spiritual health of her fellow soldiers, Clair has burdens of her own, including intense doubt and an understanding that the war has already been lost, and that it is simply a matter of time before the forces that pursue humanity through space cleanup what’s left of the Terran diaspora. She is also one of the few on the ship who seem to be able to see through the doctor’s mask of politeness.

Dutch Ander

Race: Human, Dutch
Age: 33
Stats: Male, 6’0”, 165 lbs.
Position: Sergeant Major
The beloved commander of the ship’s enlisted men is part warrior, part philosopher, part poet, and all bad ass. All the women in his family and even in his love life are powerful psychics, but still, nobody knows that death has dealt his heart a blow that it may never recover from.

Clint Duster

Race: Human, Mixed Race
Age: 24
Stats: Male, 5’10”, 140 lbs.
Position: Chief Petty Officer
Clint is the Visigoth’s chief mechanic, and also its best wheeler and dealer. He can squeeze an extra thorium rod out of a fuel merchant as easily as he can squeeze an extra trion out of the stream engines. He is best friends with Jesse and utterly in love with his partner, Helios. He holds the captain’s respect above all others for his skill and his ability to keep the Visigoth running in top condition under less than ideal circumstances.

Shae Brody

Race: Human, Mixed Race
Age: 28
Stats: Male, 6’0”, 160 lbs.
Position: Sergeant First Class
Lean and intense, Shae is the melee combat trainer on board the Visigoth, his skills second only to Ryssa’s. He is a skilled diplomat capable of both the razor and the hammer depending on what the situation calls for. He is Dutch’s most trusted comrade. His cold exterior can push his fellow crew members away, but his keen sword keeps them close when danger nears.

Jesse Holfman

Race: Human, Mixed Caucasian
Age: 25
Stats: Male, 5’11”, 175 lbs.
Position: Staff Sergeant
Jesse fits somewhere between the comedian and the philosopher on board the Visigoth, and is legendary for his low-brow but ponderous witticisms. Jesse is probably the one person on the ship that can talk to anyone without an ulterior motive. When he chooses to be serious, he is wise beyond his years, yet he is also probably the ship’s biggest party animal.

Dirk Swendil

Race: Human, Mixed Race
Age: 27
Stats: Male, 6’3”, 210 lbs.
Position: Sergeant
Dirk is a big, strong soldier who, though not nearly as dim as his reputation, always seems to let his insecurities get in the way. Always quick to prove his prowess in any situation, Dirk never seems to figure out why he is always the butt of the other soldiers’ jokes.


Race: T-Rex
Age: 30
Stats: Male, 13’4”, 13000 lbs.
Position: Corporal
Rex doesn’t get to bond much with his fellow Visigoths, as he is kept in cold storage to conserve food unless trouble is anticipated. Rex is the center of any battlefield, able to tear his puny enemies apart with his massive jaws and crush them beneath his clawed feet. Rex is surprisingly witty when he gets the chance to kick back, and he is much older than his age would suggest, giving him a first-hand view of history that is hard to come by in other sources.


Race: Dolphin
Age: 22
Stats: Male, 7’4”, 410 lbs.
Position: Water Engine Technician
One of a mated couple of dolphins on board the Visigoth, Fip keeps up the friendly demeanor of a soldier, but the murder of his mate has left him scarred and angry inside. With little direct contact with the others on the ship, Fip is a very lonely creature indeed.


Race: Tiger
Age: 17
Stats: Female, 4’1”, 400 lbs.
Position: Specialist
The silent stalker known as Shiva cuts an imposing figure amongst the largely humanoid crew of the Visigoth, but she is a tour de force on the battlefield, moving with unnatural speed and grace to bring down her prey.

Keen Oka

Race: Human, Japanese
Age: 23
Stats: Male, 5’6”, 155 lbs.
Position: Private/Scout
Keen is probably a bit autistic and overly excitable, but he has an intense love of learning and a great love of life. He always has a smile and a joke to tell, but can drop it all and focus intently on his mission when he has a trail to follow.

Christopher Chapman

Race: Human, Mixed Caucasian
Age: 21
Stats: Male, 6’1”, 190 lbs.
Position: Private
Jag’s brother is very much his opposite in many ways. Though talented and intelligent, Christopher is much more confident and easygoing, and is well-liked by his fellow crew members.

Lexy Carter

Race: Human, Mixed Race
Age: 20
Stats: Female, 5’6”, 145 lbs.
Position: Private
A starship is the only home Lexy has ever known, having been raised as the daughter of a Captain. As such, she has no difficulty following orders and pilots an excellent skimmer, but has a bit more trouble facing her feelings toward Jag. Though she has never told anyone, she secretly envies the life of the colonist, and dreams of one day having a place she can truly call her own.

Marcus Huston

Race: Human, Mixed African
Age: 24
Stats: Male, 6’1”, 190 lbs.
Position: Private
Marcus is yet to completely find himself, but enjoys the camaraderie he finds with his fellow soldiers, as well the exhilaration of traveling across the galaxy to visit all kinds of exotic locales. Marcus may come across smooth and gregarious, but he also understands what it is to be different from those around him.

Jag Cutter

Race: Human, Mixed Caucasian
Age: 19
Stats: Male, 5’9”, 185 lbs.
Position: Cadet
One of the newest cadets on the Visigoth, Jag is intense and headstrong and throws himself completely into every pursuit he chooses to follow. Having been raised in the shadow of his naturally easygoing brother, Jag is fiercely competitive and relentless in trying to prove himself to others. Still young, he has difficulty dealing with his feelings for others, including his intense attraction to Lexy Carter.

Cody Miller

Race: Human, Mixed Race
Age: 16
Stats: Male, 5’7”, 135 lbs.
Position: Cadet, Navigator
Cody has the mind of a computer with the personality to match. He is still young, but is able to perform intense feats of mathematic skill with disturbing ease. He is somewhat shy and reserved, and has not yet bonded much with the other soldiers.


Race: Human, Mixed Race
Age: 29
Stats: Female, 5’5”, 120 lbs.
Position: Psychic
A fully-trained member of the Denos sisterhood, Larkspur is the Visigoth’s newest addition, replacing the ship’s previous psychic who went mad and was killed under questionable circumstances. Though she can (and does) help Clair somewhat in assessing the health of the crew, her primary responsibility is long-term communication across the great distances of space.

The Visigoth

Class: 4th-series Security Sweeper
Registry: BE-691903
Size: 70 meters long, 15 meters high, 25 meters at widest
Mass: 140,000 metric tons
Crew complement: 15 to 25
Power Source: Water reactor
Weapons: Forward mounted fulcrum cannons, rear fulcrum gun torrents
Complement: Four side shuttles (exterior), five small sweeper craft, embro-chamber
Special: Alpha class visual tech, energy veil
Designed to patrol for several months at a time without outside contact or aid, security sweeper class vessels undertake the dangerous job of ensuring that all colonies maintain the highest level of defense against detection from the Malice. The Visigoth is aging, yet well-maintained, with an updated veil and improved hull armor. She has been in service now for over 15 years with hundreds of successful sweeps under her belt.

Other Regulars

Besides the cast of the Visigoth, there are a handful of characters that will be encountered throughout the first season across more than one episode. Of these, only our ostensible villains really beg mention here.

Kaiser Von Lugar

Race: Human, Germanic
Age: 57
Stats: Male, 5’11”, 210 lbs.
Position: Captain
Location: The Ship Magyar
The captain’s twin brother, Kaiser is just as much the veteran, if less the heroic icon. Living in his brother’s shadow, he has driven himself to exceed it, and has branched out into the politics of the twin ARCs. Kaiser is obsessed with pushing the limits of what humanity can be and where it can go, and he has little patience for those who would stand in the way of destiny.

Malice Bishop

Size: 4 to 6 meters
Weight: 2 tons
Weapons: Multiple clawed tails and arms, as well as a large, powerful mouth lined with mandibles
Defense: Heavy TK shielding
A bishop will remain in the rear of a conflict until the pawns have scattered the opposition. At this point the bishop will engage to tear up stragglers and any heavily-armed combatants. Their TK shielding is not generally effective against melee weapons, but most who get close enough to test it die before getting the opportunity to strike.
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