Contributing Artists

As much as we love our writers, I don't expect anyone would read any of our books at all if it were not for the many hours of hard work our artists put into translating our mere ideas into true visions.

Our Artists are also their own people, so if you want to hire them to draw something for you, by all means, do. Just drop us a line and we will put you in touch.

Todd Morasch - Staff Artist/Writer - USA
Strengths: Feathers, Claws, Speed, Originality, Versatility
Appears in: Oathbound Seven, Oathbound Eclipse, Sara and the Chimera, The Haunted Fort, Oathbound Domains of the Forge, Oathbound Plains of Penance, Oathbound Wrack and Ruin, Oathbound Arena
Website: http://www.toddmorasch.com

Todd's what you'd call a triple threat. He can write, he can paint, and he... well, we'd best leave that third one up to your imagination. Anyway, the guy's a monster. He's dreamed up more campaign settings than most folk have ever heard of, written hundreds of thousands of words, drawn the bulk of our art, and put all our books together. He also owns a large chunk of our company, so we kind of have to say nice things about him, you know.

Simon Dominic - Freelance Artist - England
Strengths: Color, Vision, Painting
Appears in: Oathbound Seven (Cover), Oathbound Eclipse

Simon lives just a few miles from where my ancestors first crawled out of their caves, but don't let that fool you, he's as evolved as the rest of us. I saw some of his work on the internet in 2009 and immediately saw the hand of a master. We hired him to do the Oathbound Seven cover over a year before the book even came out. Simon's the most expensive artist on our list, but he's worth every penny.
Olli Hihnala - Freelance Artist - Finland
Strengths: Action, Terror
Appears in: Oathbound Seven, Oathbound Eclipse
Olli had mostly done comic-book style work before we hired him, but his style was so unique, we knew it would work for Eclipse. He was a joy to work with, and finished so fast we were able to give him a whole new batch of art orders before Eclipse shipped.

Leonardo Borazio - Freelance Artist - Italy
Strengths: Characters, Clothing, Technique
Appears in: Oathbound Eclipse
Chalk this one up to providence. With time running out on Eclipse and lots of work left to be done, Leonardo contacted us out of the blue one day and aked to help. We took one look at his art and decided we couldn't afford him, but he happened to be between jobs, and was willing to work within our budget. Leonardo's art was the tipping point for Eclipse, transforming it from a startup project to a true work of beauty.

Sam Blondahl - Freelance Artist - Canada
Strengths: Texture, Architecture, Attitude
Appears in: Oathbound Eclipse
OK, I must admit that Sam is my cousin, and fresh out of art school. We really didn't know what to expect when we hired him, as he'd not done a project like this before, but he's a great guy, so we took the chance. It turned out we had nothing to worry about. Sam did great work, and was a breeze to work with.

April Stevens - Freelance Artist - Canada
Strengths: Lightness, Exuberance, Trancendence
Appears in: Oathbound Eclipse, OAthbound Seven
Todd met April at a comic book show a few years back, and hired her before we even had a company or anything for her to do. Her work is all done with colored pencils, which gives it a raw, otherworldy quality. Simply beautiful.

Reis O'Brien - Freelance Artist - USA
Strengths: Graphic Design, Playfulness, Fun
Appears in: Oathbound Eclipse
Reis is a guy Todd and I know from the local coffeehouse. He was in our gaming group for a few years, but now runs his own game, so we don't see him as much. We still keep in touch though, because he is incredibly fun to have around and has some serious art skills. You may also know him from some of his blogs which are widely read and enjoyed on the internet.

Yuan Cui - Freelance Artist - China
Strengths: Characters, Clothing, Technique
Appears in: Oathbound Eclipse
Yuan is a busy guy, and only was able to do a handful of paintings for Eclipse, but we'll take what we can get, as his art is simply stunning. His character studies are truly larger than life.

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